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The Dative and Related Phenomena

Kazuto Matsumura, Tooru Hayashi ed
A5 310pages

"The Dative and Related Phenomena" is a collection of papers dealing with syntactic phenomena in various languages which in one way or other are associated with the DATIVE.The linguistic forms and constructions under discussion are the "applicative" in Tembo (Bantu) and Australian Aboriginal languages,the "genitive" in Turkish, the "adessive" in Estonian,the "dative" in Telugu and German, and and the "indirect object" in French. The collection also includes two papers (B. Comrie,T. Ooe) which are not directly related to the general topic.

Contributors: Peter Austin (Australian Aboriginal languages), Bernard Comrie (Siberian languages), Tooru Hayasi (Turkish), Sigeki Kaji (Tembo), Nozomi Kodama (Telugu), Kazuto Matsumura (Estonian), Takao Ooe (Korean), Akio Ogawa (German), Sigeru Sakahara (French)

In English

Studies in Endangered Languages

Papers from the International Symposium on Endangered Languages, Tokyo, November 18-20, 1995.

Kazuto Matsumura ed.
A5 266pages

A collection of papers by the participants of the International Symposium on Endangered Languages, November 1995, organized by ICHEL (International Clearing House for Endangered Languages) at the University of Tokyo.

Contributors: Willem F.H. Adelaar(Netherlands), E. Annamalai(India), Knut Bergsland (Norway), David Bradley(Australia), Matthias Brenzinger(Germany), Michael Krauss(USA), Vida Yu. Mikhalchenko(Russia), Osami Okuda(Japan), Suwilai Premsrirat(Thailand), Harumi Sawai(Japan), Stephen A. Wurm(Australia), Akira Y. Yamamoto(USA).


Author: MORIKAWA Masahiro
Price: 6000Yen

Contents: This book, a revised version of his 1989 University of Washington doctoral dissertation, modifies and develops the
grammatical sub-theory of Abstract Case in the Government and Binding theory of Chomsky in order to account for the many patterns of noun phrase Case-marking in Japanese that have resisted unified explanation in earlier generative grammar.

Title: Current Topics in Japanese and English

Author: NAKAMURA Masaru
Price: 4120Yen

Contents: This collection contains the papers presented at the Second English/Japanese Comparative Syntax Workshop held at Tohoku University in 1994. It is the result of advanced investigation by outstanding young Japanese scholars in the field of comparative syntax.

Title: Japanese Syntactic Structures and their Constructional Meanings

Author: KUBO Miori
Hardcover: Price:12360Yen
Paperback: Price:4120Yen

Contents: This book explores basic Japanese phrase structures,with special attention to configurational positions of predicates. Among contrasts investigated are activity vs.stative verbs,exhaustive vs.neutral interpretations of subjects, two types of causatives, so-called ga-no conversion, and different interpretive behaviors of the distinct clausal types IP and CP.A central syntactic discovery is that Japanese functional categories, C,I, and D,each uniformly assign exactly one nominative case. A new view of the relation between meaning and form is developed, privileging the idea that meaning in essential parts is simply form. In particular, sentences are differently interpreted, in terms of Kantian categories,based on the head's structural position.

Title: Linguistics

Author: Jean Aitchison, Annotated by ANDO Sadao
Price: 2400Yen

Contents :This is a Hituzi reprint of Jean Aitchison's highly-acclaimed introduction to linguistics. It is an up to date, comprehensive, and straightforward textbook for those who wish to know about the subject.

in Japanese

Title: The Sound of Japanese

Author: SHIROTA Shun
Price: 13390Yen

Contents: This monograph is intended as a contribution to an exhaustive description of Modern Japanese sound pattern . Exhaustiveness means establishing relations between phonetic, phonemic, syllabic systems and system of distinctive features on the basis of lexical inventory of contemporary standard Japanese.

Title: The Time Representation of Language

Author: KANEKO Tohru
Price: 8800Yen

Contents: On the basic assumption that Human Cognition System perceives Time in two different ways; (1) as a succession of elementary situations and (2) as a linear topology of events, the author asserts that the Japanese system of time representations consists of 20 types of lexical aspects (Aktionsarten), several forms for aspect adjustment. 2 tense indicators and a variety of time indications. This book is estimated as a very original contribution of formal semantic descriptions for the world wide issues of 1980s.

Title: The Study of Japanese Expression that non-native speakers find confusing

Author: SAJI Keizo
Price: 3605Yen

Contents: This book explains many essential points for learning Japanese in a way that is easy understand. It is based on the Author's long experience of teaching Japanese in China. This book gives concrete examples of common questions encountered when teaching Japanese and how to answer them.

Title: The Study of Japanese Grammar

Author: SAJI Keizo
Price: 4944Yen

Contents: This is the first book of the author who has been studying Japanese grammar and education for a long time. this book is an essential reading for those engaged both in the study and teaching of Japanese. It contains research of important grammatical items, such as "HA and GA","HA and MO" and "NO DA-Sentence".

Title: Grammar and Word Formation

Author: KAGEYAMA Taro
Price: 5000Yen

Contents: Based on in-depth analyses various types of compound formation in Japanese, this book sheds new light on the long-standing issue of how morphology interacts with other components of the grammar. A theory of Modular Morphology is proposed which allows word formation processes to take place not only in the lexicon but also in syntax, with an independent morphology module globally constraining their applications. This theory can straighten out the difficulties of both strong lexicalism and trasformationalism. 1994 Kindaichi Award winner.

Title: Rightward Movement Constructions in English and Japanese

Editor: TAKAMI Ken-ichi
Price: 4223Yen

Contents: This collection of papers focuses on the so-called rightward movement constructions-constructions in which elements that are originally in sentence-final position- and attempts to make clear their structures and functions. Based on a workshop held at the 11th General Meeting of the English Linguistic Society of Japan, it contains nine papers on rightward movement constructions.

Title: Cross-linguistic Studies The Particle Mo in Japanese

Author: Tsukuba Forum of language and Culture
Price: 4326Yen

Contents: This book is a collection of papers presented in the 1994 annual symposium of "Tsukuba Forum Language and Culture,"which was started by young researchers interested in language and culture. The papers contained in this volume investigate the particle "mo"(also) in Japanese and its equivalent expressions in Vietnamese, French, Romanian, and Slovenian.

Title: The structure of Japanese complex sentence

Author: Catherine Garnier, Translated by HOSOKAWA Hideo and KOIDE Mikako Price: 5000Yen

Contents: The Japanese translation of a frontier work on the structure of the Japanese sentence by a famous French linguist. This book will be very helpful for the serious students of Japanese language.

Title: Transitivity in Japanese

Editors: SUGA Kazuyoshi and HAYATSU Emiko
Price: 2575Yen

Contents: The authors in this volume: MOTOORI Haruniwa / MATSUSITA Daizabur? / NISHIO Toraya / OKUTSU Keiichir? / INOUE Kazuko / AOKI Reiko / SUGA Kazuyoshi / NOMURA Takashi / AMANA Midori / Jacobsen,Wesley M / HAYATSU Emiko / NODA Hisashi

Title: Some Aspects of the Japanese Verb

Author: MURAKI Shinjiro
Price: 4120Yen

Contents: An analysis of present day Japanese verbs based on three parts ;"Morphology of verbs", "Syntactic characteristics of verbs, this book would be referred to in any modern study on Japanese verbs. The detailed treatment of the inflectional system should be helpful to all those who teach Japanese.

Title: Morphological Studies in the Japanese Language: Form and meaning of Word

Author: SAITO Michiaki
Price: 4841Yen

Contents: An analysis of the modern Japanese from the view of word-formation.

1.On the linguistic units.

2.On the stems of the adjectives.

3.On the compound verbs.

4.Meaning and word-formation.

Title: Understanding Utterances(Japanese Translation)

Author: Diane Blakemore, Translated by TAKEUCHI Michiko and YAMAZAKI Eiichi
Price: 3100Yen

Contents: This textbook provides an introduction to pragmatics from the point of view of Sperber and Wilson's Relevance Theory. Why and how can verbal communication be achieved, apart from encoding and decoding messages, by providing evidence for an intended inference about the communicator's informative intention? Diane Blackmore shows how every utterance reaches at most a single interpretation with the interaction of linguistic meaning with contextual factors. Parallel to the analysis of a range of phenomena which are central to pragmatics, the relevance theoretic approach to utterance interpretation can be applied to the analysis of phenomena traditionally discussed in literary theory, including metaphor,irony and other stylistic effects. This translation includes translator's notes at the end of each chapter and the commentary on the original book Relevance Theory as as appendix.



Contents: This book is an attempt to analyze Chekhov's poetics clear the author analyzes ''The lady with a lapdog" in full, using many literary devices. This is one of the best analyses in this kind of textualism.

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