Sounding Natural in English 山根キャサリン著 内田聖二注釈 Sounding Natural in English 山根キャサリン著 内田聖二注釈

Sounding Natural in English

山根キャサリン著 内田聖二注釈

B5判 116頁 定価1,600円+税

ISBN 978-4-89476-863-5

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Sounding Natural in English
Kathleen Yamane
Notes by Seiji Uchid

The focus of this volume is on common errors by Japanese speakers of English as identified by a long-term American resident and teacher. Part I deals with Common Lexical Errors, and is subdivided into sections on Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives and Adverbs. Part II focuses on Common Errors in Usage. With the Tokyo Olympics fast approaching, many Japanese have a renewed interest in improving their English language skills. The author hopes that this book will help them on their journey to speaking more natural English.


1 Commonly Misused English Loanwords 1

2 Commonly Misused English Loanwords 2

3 Wasei eigo: Original Creations

4 Foreign Borrowings from Other Languages Used as English

5 Abbreviated Forms Based on English

6 Clipped Forms Based on English Compounds

7 Unnatural Compound Forms

8 Nouns and Phrases that are Overused and / or Outdated

9 Best Avoided: Sexist and Politically Incorrect English

10 Common Errors with Singular and Plural Forms

11 Action Verbs: coming and going; working and playing; saying, telling, speaking and talking

12 Verbs of Perception: listening and hearing; watching, looking and seeing

13 Other Frequently Misused Verbs

14 Common Problems with Adjectives

15 Common Problems with Adverbs

16 Common Problems with Prepositions

17 Use of Grammatically Incorrect Word Forms

18 Use of Inappropriate Register

山根キャサリン(Kathleen Yamane)
The author is a native of upstate New York. She studied Linguistics and French Literature as an under graduate student, later receiving an M.A. in Linguistics from Cor nell Uni versity. She has taught language and linguistics courses in the U.S., France and Japan for over 40 years, most recently at Nara University. Her research interests include sociolinguistics and semantics, with a particular focus on language varieties. She is the author of over 30 textbooks.

内田聖二(うちだ せいじ)
奈良大学教授、奈良女子大学名誉教授。著書に、『語用論の射程 語から談話・テクストへ』(研究社2011)、『ことばを読む、心を読む 認知語用論入門』(開拓社2013)など。