An Affect-Oriented English Pronunciation Instructional Design for Japanese University Students Junko Chujo(中條純子) ひつじ書房 An Affect-Oriented English Pronunciation Instructional Design for Japanese University Students Junko Chujo(中條純子) ひつじ書房

Hituzi Linguistics in English No.29

An Affect-Oriented English Pronunciation Instructional Design for Japanese University Students

Junko Chujo(中條純子)著

菊判上製カバー装 198頁 定価11000円+税

ISBN 978-4-89476-922-9

ブックデザイン 白井敬尚形成事務所





CHAPTER 1 General Introduction
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Rationale for This Research
1.3 Aims of This Study
1.4 Structure of This Book

CHAPTER 2 Theoretical Background
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Pronunciation Teaching Approaches
2.2.1 Historical Overview
2.2.2 Issues in Pronunciation Instruction
2.3 English Pronunciation Teaching in Japan
2.3.1 Current Approach in Japanese English Education
2.3.2 Current State of English Pronunciation Teaching
2.3.3 Motivation and Traits of Japanese English Learners
2.4 The Concept of Instructional Design
2.5 Fundamental Concepts of this Pronunciation ID
2.5.1 The Three Learning Domains The Cognitive Domain The Psychomotor Domain The Affective Domain
2.5.2 Phonetic Element Prioritization for Instruction
2.5.3 Pronunciation Goal Setting
2.5.4 Japanese University Pronunciation Textbooks

CHAPTER 3 Needs Analysis
3.1 Introduction
3.2 The Cognitive Domain
3.2.1 Methodology
3.2.2 Results
3.2.3 Conclusions and Pedagogical Implications
3.3 The Psychomotor Domain
3.3.1 Methodology
3.3.2 Results
3.3.3 Conclusions and Pedagogical Implications
3.4 The Affective Domain
3.4.1 Methodology 1 Results 1 Conclusions and Pedagogical Implications 1
3.4.2 Methodology 2 Results 2 Conclusions and Pedagogical Implications 2
3.5 Summary of Pedagogical Needs

CHAPTER 4 Design and Development
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Design
4.2.1 Pedagogical Goals
4.2.2 Design Principles
4.2.3 Instructional Strategies
4.3 Development
4.3.1 Developmental Phase 1
4.3.2 Developmental Phase 2 Unit Organization and Activities Preparatory Unit Tongue Twisters Articulations Marking Rhythmic Reading Words and Phrases Minimal Pairs Pictures with Phonetically Confusing Sentences Word Definitions Chants Topic Dialogue (1) Topic Dialogue (2) Travel Tips Recitation Pop song Authentic Information Self-evaluation Implementation and Formative Evaluation Knowledge Performance
4.3.3 Developmental Phase 3 Revised Instructional Principles Revised Unit Organization Revised Activity Descriptions Self-checking Review Exercises Phonetic Analysis Self- and Peer-monitoring
4.4 Research Questions

CHAPTER 5 Implementation and Evaluation
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Implementation
5.2.1 Participants
5.2.2 Procedures
5.3 Evaluation
5.3.1 Knowledge
5.3.2 Performance
5.3.3 Perception
5.3.4 Anxiety
5.3.5 Monitoring
5.4 Pedagogical Implications
5.4.1 Students’ Evaluation of the Instruction
5.4.2 Instructor’s Observations of the Acquisition Stage

CHAPTER 6 Conclusions
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Research Review
6.3 Limitations and Suggestions for Future Study
6.4 Concluding Remarks


中條純子(ちゅうじょう じゅんこ)
主な著書にNow I Got It! A Fun Guide to English Pronunciation (三修社、2017)など。