<i>I mean</i> as a Marker of Intersubjective Adjustment: A Cognitive Linguistic Approach 小林隆著 ひつじ書房 I mean as a Marker of Intersubjective Adjustment: A Cognitive Linguistic Approach 小林隆著 ひつじ書房

Hituzi Linguistics in English No.27

I mean as a Marker of Intersubjective Adjustment:
A Cognitive Linguistic Approach


ブックデザイン 白井敬尚形成事務所

菊判上製カバー装 128頁 定価8500円+税

ISBN 978-4-89476-902-1


本書は、談話標識 I meanの本質と用法の広がりを、認知言語学における「現行談話スペース(Current Discourse Space)」の概念を用いて明らかにするものである。先行研究では、用法の羅列と、一つの観点からの窮屈な一般化に終始しているが、本書では、語用論と認知言語学の諸概念に基づき、諸用法を丹念に理論的に位置付けることで、その本質が「話し手の本意へと聞き手を導く」間主観的調整にあり、用法間の関係は、認知プロセスの差異として、統一的に示している。

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Transcription Conventions

Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Aims of the Study
1.2 Outline of the Book

Chapter 2 Overview of the Discourse Marker I mean
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Characteristics of the Usages of I mean
2.3 Dominant Occurrences

Chapter 3 Background
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Chronological Change
3.3 Previous Studies and Their Empirical Problems
3.3.1 Schiffrin (1987)
3.3.2 Fox Tree and Schrock (2002)
3.3.3 Imo (2005)
3.3.4 Brinton (2008)
3.3.5 Other Previous Studies
3.4 Summary

Chapter 4 A Pragmatic Account of I mean
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Analysis from Grice’s Conversational Maxims
4.2.1 Grice’s Cooperative Principle and the Four Maxims
4.2.2 I mean at the What-Is-Said Level
4.2.3 I mean at the Implicature Level
4.3 Analysis from Politeness Theory
4.3.1 Politeness Theory
4.3.2 I mean to Save Hearer’s Negative Face
4.3.3 I mean to Save Speaker’s and Hearer’s Positive Face
4.4 Summary

Chapter 5 A Cognitive Linguistic Account of I mean
5.1 Introduction
5.2 The Basic Tenet of Cognitive Linguistics
5.3 Relevant Notions of Cognitive Linguistics
5.3.1 Profiling
5.3.2 Construal
5.3.3 Reference Point Relationship
5.3.4 Grounding
5.3.5 Intersubjectivity
5.3.6 Current Discourse Space
5.3.7 Anchoring Structure
5.4 Analysis from Cognitive Linguistics
5.4.1 On Semantic and Pragmatic Functions Subjectification in Verhagen (2005, 2007) Problems with the Analysis in Terms of Intersubjectivity(Verhagen 2005, 2007) I mean at Different Levels of CDS
5.4.2 Relationships between the Usages of I mean
5.4.3 On Positions in Discourse I mean as a Part of the Core: Original Meanings I mean as a Discursive Anchor: The Effective and Discursive Levels I mean as a Discursive Anchor: The Speech Management Level Clause Internal I mean as a Parenthetical Insertion
5.5 Implications of the Cognitive Linguistic Account of Other Discourse Markers
5.6 Summary

Chapter 6 I mean as a Marker of Intersubjective Adjustment


【著者紹介】 小林隆(こばやし たかし)
・“A Pragmatic and Cognitive Approach to the Usage of I mean,” Human and Socio-Environmental Studies 25. (2013)
・「談話標識 I mean の使用原理についての認知言語学的考察」『日本認知言語学会論文集』第14巻(2014)
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