The Proceedings of the Fourteenth Tokyo Conference on Psycholinguistics(TCP2013) 大津由紀雄 編 ひつじ書房 The Proceedings of the Fourteenth Tokyo Conference on Psycholinguistics(TCP2013) 大津由紀雄 編 ひつじ書房

The Proceedings of the Fourteenth Tokyo Conference on Psycholinguistics (TCP2013)

大津由紀雄 編

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慶應義塾大学でおこなわれている東京言語心理学会議(Tokyo Conference on Psycho-linguistics)の第14回大会の研究発表/講演集(英語)。


Nouns do not take complements: A theoretical claim and a psycholinguistic experiment
Caterina Donati and Carlo Cecchetto

Language acquisition from a minimalist perspective: Concepts and consequences
Wayne O’Neil

Zibun-anaphora in child Japanese and nominative objects in potential sentences
Yoshiki Fujiwara

A Head Movement Analysis of Complement/Adjunct Asymmetries in Japanese Te-clauses
Shintaro Hayashi and Tomohiro Fujii

The numerical wh-pronoun ji in Child Mandarin
Aijun Huang and Stephen Crain

How Syntactic is Syntactic Priming? An Experimental Study on Japanese Passives
Megumi Ishikawa and Takuya Goro

Null Subjects and Topic-drop in L2 Japanese: Some implications for the Interface Hypothesis
Mika Kizu and Kazumi Yamada

The scope of bare nouns and numeral phrases: An experimental study of child Mandarin
Thomas Hun-tak Lee and Zhuang Wu

Comparatives and Degree Nominals: Does Gradability of Events Determine the Standard of Comparison?
Fumio Mohri and Kaye Takeda

The Emergence of the Unmarked in L2 Acquisition: Interpreting Null Subjects
Tomoko Monou and Shigeto Kawahara

Child-Adult Parallels on Scope Ambiguity Resolution in Mandarin Chinese
Yi-ching Su, Chia-Ying Lee and Jie-Li Tsai

The Development of Long-distance Zibun: Roles of L1 and L2 in L3 Acquisition
Noriko Yoshimura, Mineharu Nakayama, Koichi Sawasaki, Atsushi Fujimori and Barış Kahraman

Reconstruction Effects on A-movement Reconsidered
Yoshiyuki Shibata

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